Salvonic HIMS

Salvonic HIMS is a comprehensive, integrated Health Care Software designed to cater & manage all the crucial aspects of hospital management from OPD, IPD, E-Prescription, OT management, Billing, EMR, Vaccination and many more.

Available in Cloud & on premise model.

Cloud Package

Unlimited OPD

Unlimited IPD

Manager Module

Doctor Module

Reception Module

+ Other modules

OPD (Out Patient Department) of a hospital is the section of the hospital where patients are provided medical consultations and other allied services. Our OPD module provides not only patient registration (or revisit) but also appointment booking, billing support and financial reports etc. The user management provides the necessary data security and privacy. Your Manager or Administrator can fully customize the software according to your need.

IPD (In-Patient Department) IPD is the ward areas for in-patients. HIMS’s IPD module provides you the facility to do bed-management, billing, transfer OPD patients automatically to IPD, Financial Reports, Discharge reports, Individual Payment breakup, Due Reports, MIS reports & many other exciting features. Also integrated with OT management.
Billing – Our Billing module completely removes the manual system, it needs less staff to cater more patients in same or even less time. It also enhances customer satisfaction by giving more time to the staff to complete other tasks or talk to patients. The system is also able to provide the printed data or slips on paper as and when needed. Hospital administration will be able to accurately track the billing, operator wise collection, day or month wise collection. It also helps in doing the financial analysis and provide the future projection.

EMR (Electronic medical record) is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one practice. An EMR is mostly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment.
Our EMR feature is customizable as per your requirement. It identifies patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings. The information stored in EMR is kept secret with the help of secure user management and access control.

In the long run, EMR feature provides huge satisfaction to clients because they know that their past historical data or health details or previous visit information is already available in the hospital. You can fetch all details of a patient using her UHID with a single click of a button.

Vaccination – Salvonic Vaccine Module creates e-vaccination card of new born baby that keeps the vaccination calendar with automatic SMS/emails reminder for any upcoming vaccination due date.
Doctors can manage & print the records of registered babies in an easy and effective way with their vaccination schedule. Parents can receive an immediate intimation about their next schedule visit for their child’s immunization schedule. With a single click, you can send hundreds and thousands of SMSs & emails to parents of kids.

E-Prescription – Electronic prescribing or e-prescription is a computer-based electronic generation, transmission and filling of a medical prescription by replacing the papers and faxed prescriptions.
E-Prescription helps in saving time while typing medicine names, dosages, frequency etc. It has the auto-populate feature to fetch the names from existing database and helps in reducing typo errors and makes it easy to read. Also provides historical data to find out which medicine was prescribed on which date.

OT management – Team of Doctors/ Assistants/Anesthetist involved in the operation, Consent Forms Management, Single or Multiple Doctor/Assistants revenue sharing, Bill Charges Posting like OT Charge, Surgery Charges, Anesthetist charges, Assistants charges, Equipment Charges, Nursing Notes, option to store pre-operation or/and post-operation images (optional)

+ many other modules on request.